BeatBox Studios

Christchurch's Best Creative Rehearsal Studios


BeatBox Studios provides a vibrant place where artists and creative’s are able to come together, to incubate ideas, and rehearse in a safe, professionally managed and cost effective environment, which meets the most up-to-date global acoustic requirements.

All rooms come equipped with a professional P.A. system and full back line; drum kit, bass rig, and guitar amps all ready to just plug in and go.

We are also open for bookings 7 days a week.

Come and see for yourself why BeatBox is the place to play!

Beatbox Charitable Trust - 2014

In response to the heavy demand for a properly outfitted, dedicated rehearsal spaces in the city (and critically underscored by the damage from the earthquakes) the Christchurch Music Industry Trust-after a marathon 3-year fundraising effort, built and opened BeatBox Studios at the end of 2014.

Registered Charity: CC56013

New prices & opening hours below - effective from 26 May 2021

Due to the flexible nature of Beatbox, we need 24 hours notice and all bookings are by appointment only,
this is to ensure we have staff onsite and the studios ready to go.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday | 10.00am - 5:00pm

1 Hour - $30 per Studio
$30 per Hour

2 Hours - $50 per Studio
$25 per Hour

3 Hours - $60 per Studio
$20 per Hour


Monday to Friday | 5:00pm - 9:30pm
Sunday | 10:00am - 6:00pm

1 Hour - $50 per Studio
$50 per Hour

2 Hours - $70 per Studio
$35 per Hour

3 Hours - $80 per Studio
$27 per Hour


By arrangement for Conferences, Parties & Gigs

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Beatbox can be configured for:

Rehearsal Space - Bands, Theatre, Choir, Comedy

Concerts & Gigs

Meetings - soundproof rooms that can hold up to 20 people theatre style

Parties - rent all the venue for a unique experience

Plus we have FREE WiFi

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